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Not one but two new shows from Fairly Media!

First up, we joined KERB once more to explore the street food landscape of London. In this episode, we cast a hungry eye over the doughy delights which often make an under-rated part of our dinner, bread glorious bread.

When you've a topic as broad as that to cover, you need some expert help and we couldn't have hoped for better than co-founder of the famed Franco Manca restaurants and queen bee at Bread Bread Bakery, Bridget Hugo.

Bridget joined Fairly on the streets of London to eat our way through the best breads in the capital, all accompanying menus from across the world. We also met some of the capital's finest artisanal producers to find out what makes the best product, and what the best product can provide. As Bridget says, bread is "the ultimate bedrock of sociability and nutrition."

Find out more by listening above and at kerbfood.com/podcast, where you'll hear from the likes of burger dons Mother Flipper, Sally Clarke Bakery, hidden treats at Ridley Road market and a true example of bread's connective powers, Luminary Bakery. There, bakery meets social enterprise as London women train for a new opportunity after tough experiences, often experiencing homelessness too.

Bridget Hugo

Bridget Hugo

And we bring you episode of twelve of Fatherhood, on shared parental leave. Just 2% of eligible dads applied for government's new scheme giving them the right to split a year of parental leave with their partner. 

I tracked down one of them, Londoner Dan Southern, to talk about his experiences taking three months off with his young son Freddy. We talked about the benefits it can bring, in bonding, understanding, family unity and helping women in the workforce. 

So why are so few taking the chance? Well, the scheme only enables couples to split 39 weeks of statutory pay at a maximimum of £145 a week, for starters. Contrast this situation with that of the star of episode eleven, Johan Bavman. He's the photographer behind the award-winning photo series Swedish Dads. In his country, a now 40 year-old scheme lets parents share 480 days, when it suits them, and at 80% pay. That's how to do it. Over to you Theresa / Jezza / whom it may be...

If you'd like to know more, hit the scheme site at https://sharedparentalleave.campaign.gov.uk/.

Dan Southern with Freddy

Dan Southern with Freddy

We hope you enjoy the shows, as always delivered with heart and soul - through some very different show styles, from documentary to straight interview. We're pleased to say we even fit a montage into the KERB Life episode this time. Do have a listen, and hit the HIRE US button if you would like Fairly to help you tell your own story.