KERB Life is back - London food stories from Fairly Media

Yes! KERB Life series two is now out!

Take a listen to episode one – InKERBating ain’t easy – as we dig in to the startup stories of London’s freshest food businesses, all fuelled by street food trailblazers KERB.

KERB’s been making London taste better since 2012, and it’s InKERBator programme for new traders provides the support, advice and trading locations for the capital’s hottest new food startups to tantalise taste buds at central London lunch markets and scores of events.

We were delighted to get the commission for a new KERB series – it’s over food that we come together, share stories, right problems. Fairly wanted to reflect that in the shows. And it’s been a blast. We get so much inspiration from the way KERB does things, looking to unite people at a market, nurture the best talent in food, community at the forefront along the way.

In this episode, it’s all about how startups can thrive, backed by the transformative power of food. It was a huge pleasure to spend an afternoon with Liberty Kitchen, our final guests on the show. Founded by Janet Boston and backed by a board full of expertise chaired by Lord Falconer, Liberty Kitchen gives former and current inmates at Pentonville prison the chance to start their own journey to employment and new opportunity via street food.

We’re sure you’ll find the stories of Janet and her colleague Danny inspiring – he’s building his life on the outside, firing his passion for food and helping Liberty redefine the way we expect ex-offenders to fit back into society. He’s out there feeding London, contributing to the life of a space such as their pitch at the regenerated Granary Square in Kings Cross. And at a KERB market it’s all on a level, literally and figuratively – the chefs hand their food over fresh made right there on the streets, you can talk about the dish, making eye-contact, making a connection. Even in the digital era, its proves new business can transform space and emotions as well as economics.

That’s the vibe we wanted to capture in KERB Life. It’s backed up in this show with the sounds of day one on the KERB for three of London’s finest and newest traders, Truffle, Zephyr and Oishii Yatai, with powerful stories of what drove their desire to join KERB’s merry band.

Listen to the show above and at as we peel back the layers to show just how much hard work and commitment it takes to make it on the ultra-competitive food scene. Alongside Liberty Kitchen, we talk to Huw Gott – co-founder of steakhouse success story Hawksmoor - and Hanoi Kitchen’s Nigel Matthews pull no punches in detailing the graft they put into to establishing their businesses. Plus we meet the next generation of must-eat market goods at the KERB Workshop, an event which helped the likes of Bleecker Burger and Bian Dang on their way, as we talk food dreams with those crazy enough to give up their jobs and upend their life in the name of great food and entrepreneurial freedom.

And if you’re still hungry after all that, treat yourselves to more of the sounds of London’s streets and markets, with music recorded live in the capital from saxophonist Guy Stewart, crazy brass fiends Dat Brass and the soulful London Joy Singers.

Thanks and watch this space for more from Fairly Media.