Summer '18

Summertime and the weather is... amazing, yet concerning considering global climate change??

Fairly Media has taken a short break in Cornwall, which has been frankly great as its been a non-stop year getting this thing off the ground, getting the head around family life vs non-linear work and other such new biz excitement.

The break also came he end of the second series of KERB Life, our series for London street food trailblazers KERB. It's been a true pleasure and great to see it hit the iTunes 'Business' charts on release once more.

We told six stories in this series, and I was once again thankful to get the opportunity to record the vibrations on the streets of the capital among the hundred or so independent food business which are part of KERB. It is frankly a bit of a busman's holiday, strolling the baking streets of London to interview the great and good of the food game. It's a joy to speak to people with a passion to cook, to transform a space, and you can't help but learn. Values such as patience, calm, determination, plus that essential driver of any new business - purpose.

Without the drive to bring their creativity to the KERB roster it's unlikely London's streets would be so vibrant right now, six years after the company's launch.

Of course food brings us together, we share our stories over dinner - and it's no surprise KERB Life not only reflects the London food scene but the way we live and work.

In our episode on the KERB pop-up stall from Michelin starred street food legend Hawker Chan, we documented the incredible buzz food can generate - as thousands of visitors queued. And a global culture where urban spaces become shared places with a common purpose, an idea which can travel thousands of miles in seconds online, then manifest itself in real life, with enough drive and determination.

Hawker Chan is a leading example of how this series highlighted the tropes of new, young businesses. Those taking their claim in in the city, on their own terms. Looking to overturn some of the old guard, or in particular, outdated values.

We met an amazing duo, Janet Boston and her protégé Danny at Liberty Kitchen. Danny is embarking on his food journey after serving time at Pentonville prison, life on the stall stoking his entrepreneurial passions and helping him back into the routine.

In our episode on the rise of veganism I was inspired by how the likes of Club Mexicana - KERB's first vegan trader - have helped kickstart a vegan movement which has seen exponential growth in the past couple of years. Watching Club Mex's boss Meriel Armitage is a real inspiration. Her new venture - the much talked about, fully booked Spread Eagle in Homerton - is a focal point for London's vegan movement, and watching her and Club Mex's growth, and her confidence and conviction in marching forward is an inspiration.

Meriel also joined us for the series' closer, where five of KERB's leading female founders set the world straight on how it for women in business in 2018. 

And as its a food show as much as a business one, I of course couldn't turn down the chance  to sample London's finest while helping KERB break down the costs of serving well-sourced, professionally prepared, creatively dazzling menus which represent the care and attention our stomachs deserve in our episode 'Breaking Down the Bun'. While one of my staple loves - that taken for granted ingredient, bread, got a little deserved attention in 'The Bread Network', where Franco Manca co-founder gave me a true expert's guide to glutinous goodies eaten across London, and the world.

Here's to good eating, and good listening.

You can find the show at, so dive in! Fairly Media will back in the autumn with a brand new show we've been working on, and more from the Fatherhood series.