Conversations of Inspiration

Back in the swing of things as silly season draws to a close and we're delighted we have a new show to talk about!

We've been working hard on a producer gig for the awesome Holly Tucker MBE and her team at Holly & Co on the new - and iTunes business #1!! - show Conversations of Inspiration.

With her wealth of experience (and success) as co-founder of, Holly's show aims to inspire the 'dreamers, dabblers and doers' to be bold and creative and start a business doing what they love. 'The good life' as the team at Holly & Co put it.

Episode one dropped on September 3, featuring the seriously impressive (and no less hilarious) Julie Deane, who founded Cambridge Satchel Company. It's been a pleasure working on this whole series - there's weekly chats with founders of iconic brands and creative small businesses to come - and for a starter this was quite the experience.

Fairly Media recorded all the shows on location, going for a relaxed setting and a warm sound to match the heartfelt, soulful nature of the conversations. So we arrived in Cambridge, sat down for a cup of tea and spent the next hour in awe of the business know-how and determination of a woman who started with £600 and a goal to get her kids into her choice of school.

There was also a fair bit of stifling laughter as Julie told stories of facing down fools boss, frauds and career-threatening moments in business. There'll be more to come each week, and having sat in on the chats I know it's all gold.

It's also been an eye-opener watching the team pull together the support which helped propel the show up the charts. Securing their own sponsorship with NatWest; Instagram posts and stories to tease the coming show; reaching out to a community of like-minded small business supporters and owners. Even landing an interview on Sky News on the day of release.

And what an opportunity for this company - not yet a year in, and with a goal to do what we love (making great audio) and supporting a young family. Cheers Holly!