From side-hustle to the big gamble... a new podcast studio is born.

Welcome to Fairly Media - we create great podcasts.

We write, edit, present and produce compelling audio for individuals and brands and we're delighted to be up and running.

So that's it, that's the pitch. Here's the company, and here's our blog.

So where to start? Right here, right now I guess. This has been a long time coming. I've been a journalist for more than a decade now, from cub reporter to new-fangled digital consultant and a fair bit of this-and-that in between.

And the this-and-that was a problem. I was reacting, working on behalf of, toeing some lines I guess. And probably a little scared to boot. All along I'd had this feeling I wanted to do the things your stereotypical journo does - stand up for something, dig deep to find understanding. Yet its tough when you've got 300 words on a new trend to write up by 11.15.

Then I dipped out of the game altogether, feeling a little unfulfilled. But all the while consuming news and media like I was addicted to information. And in particular my new job gave me a new commute and time to think. It was then that I stumbled into the ever-expanding podcast universe.

This was where it was at. In-depth, incredibly well researched long-form treatments such as Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. One, two, three-hour interviews with Marc Maron or Joe Rogan. Programmes about just one tiny little word. Programmes about, well, everything.  A half-hour about a day-off, with nothing to do... an entire series dedicated to pens... I was hooked. And I'd found a goal. This was a place within which I could explore a theme, find time to tease out the kind of truths which don't necessarily emerge within 300 words and by 11.15.

So my side-hustle was born. Months dreaming and countless hours tweaking and eventually out popped the first episode of Fatherhood. And boy did it feel good (I still love that episode - take a listen, it pretty well encapsulates my goal with that show).

Yet of course a side-hustle remains just that - on the side. Even to create a podcast which isn't merely a weekly round-table with sketchy sound takes a fair bit of time. Especially if your 9-5 is more like 7-6, with no computer access.

A friend pointed out a flurry of recent articles on the side-hustle (GoDaddy-inspired it seems, as they try to own the space through pet-project web hosting). They suggest a tough business climate, in the main. And I can certainly identify with that. Bursting at the seams with ideas, yet the stitching holding firm. 

However, on the positive side, this toughness leads to innovation, creativity. So I knew I had to scale up - and very luckily I got the break I needed with a commission, and Fairly was born. So keep your ears pinned as that commission is due to become a reality this October...

So here's to going your own way - here's to betting big, betting on yourself. Here's to telling the stories you want to hear. Here's to the side-hustle. Now, on to the main event...

Robin Leeburn